Your Blog Sucks!

You’ve been blogging daily, brainstorming over varied topics, excited every time an email alert comes in, only to be disappointed that its your mother telling you how much she likes your blog and how happy she is that you’re blogging instead of playing video games.

Every time you log into your account, optimistic at being flooded with Likes and Followers, a monotonous blue dialogue box greets you, smiling at having to offer nothing. “Why isn’t it working?”, you think. “I’ve been posting daily for a week now, but why am I going unnoticed?”. You advertise your blog on Facebook but no one really cares to click your link. You are bored of this unfruitful ritual of writing when voila! The Indie Guy appears! 

So now lets go through your problem again. Why is Your blog not working?

The secret to any successful blog lies in its Titles. Come on let’s face it, when people search your blog on the WordPress Reader, the only thing that becomes the deciding factor as to how well the article’s written are the post titles. Do a great post with a platonic title and no one bothers to look up. Write rubbish with a twisted title and be surprised at being featured on Freshly Pressed!  Make sure the titles are crisp, short and intriguing enough to generate interest among the readers to click your link.

Next comes content. You could argue that you’re already writing regularly but believe me, that’s not going to be enough. Creating content is one thing, and writing quality content is quite another. Make sure not to compromise with the quality of your post. And establish that you proofread the article at least once before publishing. No one wants to read an article full of typos and misplaced punctuation. If you want your readers to come back to your blog again, this is a point of vital importance.

Use WordPress widgets to let people subscribe to you. It helps in a way that they are notified every time you update something on your blog. Ask your friends to review your blog for you.

Are you copying content from some other blog without giving out backlinks? Well, stop doing that. Either Re-Blog the post with suitable backlinks or brainstorm something original. Anyway, how hard is it to come up with something on your own?

Do you have a media player on your blog that plays your all-time favorites? Do you post videos on your blog? Get rid of ’em. These are unwanted distractions that are shoo-ing your audience away. Seriously dude, there is a YouTube if you don’t know. No one is coming to your blog to watch a video!

How often are you blogging? Anything less than thrice a week and you can set fire to your hopes of being the Next Internet Sensation. People won’t come back to you if you blog sporadically. Either be serious about it or make peace with the fact that blogging isn’t your cup of tea. 

But again, can it be that your blog is seriously boring? Are you posting content of value or are you just rambling? Blogging is not easy and it is definitely not for everybody. And if it’s not working for you, maybe its just not your calling. Quoting Einstein, “If you judge a fish by it’s ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid!”


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