Your Wedding Night

I can see you walk right through that isle
A smile on your face that still sings
I can see your face when walls deny
Your swaying veil when those bells ring
Your front porch waves, as you say goodbye
As the walls clamor, as your childhood claims
A piece of your heart always with him
As you walk on my ashes on flames

I can see those effulgent lips
Calling those vows with crossed faith
Heaven still wonders if certainly
Those names are paired above all debate
I can see your eyes still sobbing dry
But why do you cry at all
The love of your life for the rest of dear life
concomitance on my flesh standing tall

I can see as you sober, your face in the light
A light that will lighten all our hearts
Slowly, but cold , fading away
That light sees me falling apart
Hoping for you to once turn around
As skies bid halcyon to your journey as one
My tears tell you story , as I kiss you goodbye, when I close my eyes undone

As I would always be waiting for you
Homecoming or your slightest adieu
When it always comes down to my love
And it runs ablaze in my blood

And as you drive down your boisterous zion
Hand in hand with your love in denial
That it always was down to your love
And if you turn I’ll always be your old love.


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