Dear Andy

She wrote me this on my birthday. I have no words. I love you Aishwaria.

I started writing you a letter
And was halfway through it,
7 out of 12 pages, to be precise
But I stopped because it taught
Me a few lessons on how to
Write an honest letter, and
I’m going to outline them for
You here, for you inspired the
Rules for writing the ideal
Letters to a dear, dear friend.

Step 1: I started
Off with defining our relationship
Or at least, I tried to, and I faltered
Because how do you define a bond
That transcends time, and space,
And vagaries of pain? I tried, and
I stopped because defining things
Makes them too concrete, and
The beauty of us lies in the fact
That we can mould ourselves to
What the other wants and needs.

Step 2: I began
Trying to draw parallel lines out
Of the core of our friendship, and
Tried to trace the path to, and of,
Where we now are, and I realized
That I couldn’t, because no path
Could lead to what we created
A love born out of understanding
And selfishness in equal parts
Because to give as much as we
Can, we had to take from someone else.

Step 3: I charted
Out the growth of the people we
Have seen ourselves grow into, and
Often grow out of, and it took me
By surprise, because I couldn’t
Mark the people we were, and we
Weren’t, and there is where we
Are, just as conflicted, and varied
As words we wield as weapons
And sometimes as salves (thank
You for that, really, for your words
Have often saved me from myself)

Step 4: I was supposed
To conclude it with the promises
Of what the future held, and
Platitudes coated in clichéd
Promises of forevers, and
Hackneyed ideas of constants
That we both know never hold
Any stead, so instead, here I
Promise you a simple concept-
A friendship that will last till
We both need shelters from
The storms we find ourselves in.


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