Dear People Who Copy From My Blog

On the onset of this post, please be relieved. I know you copy stuff off this site, and its totally cool, I assure you, for it gives me immense joy when I see my words being liked and shared by the like-minded. To me, writing has always been about expressing things that I can’t, otherwise, and nothing makes me happier than someone telling me I gave them words for the tangles in their mind. There is no harm in relating. However, it is when you claim authority over said piece, that it becomes a concern. Because you see, copying down something from the internet and posting it on your blog doesn’t make you the author here.

It so happened that my last post regarding Aamir Khan’s take on the AIB controversy was literally copied word to word ( only picture captions changed, safe move bro! ) by a prominent blog with a million likes and as many followers, claiming the article to be his brainchild rather than mine. But, maybe he forgot, there is this little thing called time stamp that shows the date and time of the article published. And by the looks of it, seems like this blog published the article first. Well done on your copy-job, mate!

Its because of faggots like you that India is still a third-world country.


2 thoughts on “Dear People Who Copy From My Blog

    • No, I changed my time settings. It was some other timezone that was by default that I changed to IST. But of course, you are free to assume what you deem fit.

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