Missing someone who doesn’t
Miss you, or misses you a little
Less than you miss them reminds
Me of when we were packing up
My house in the suburbs, and my father
Told me to pick up a box carefully,
For it was heavy, and I could end
Up hurting myself, and I went up
To it, and geared myself up to put
In a lot of effort, and lunged up
With the box clutched in both of
My hands, but funnily, I picked up
The wrong box, and this was much
Lighter, so I fell, stumbling on my
Own feet, and hit the ground with
My head. I remember passing out
For a moment, and waking up to my
Mother’s concerned face, and she
Helped me get up, and said something
That I wish I could imbibe, for it
Would make my heart ache a little
Less today. She said, “don’t try so
Hard to make an effort with things
Before realizing how much they weigh.”


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