CityVille Chronicles

Day 1

I didn’t expect three days of holidays to turn out to be so unbelieving boring.

So boring, in fact, that I unblocked CityVille and actually gave it a shot. I now have a city hall with 100+ people living in my thriving city, which is very imaginatively called ‘My City’. And I can’t even change it.

It said it’d only allow me to play if I agreed to give it a bunch of permissions, one of which was to mark my unread notifications as ‘read’. I didn’t really understand what that was for, but assumed it was an anti-spam feature. Spam them but don’t let them know they were spammed. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Pity the anti-spam thing didn’t include emails as well, since I got two mails already telling me that I can claim my very own fountain for free. I’m sure the city people would’ve loved a new fountain but when I clicked the link, it started being very evasive and told me the page wouldn’t load or something.

I have nothing to do now.


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