Scraps : The End

You were an unpleasant memory; and now you are my reminder.
You’re my reminder to be more cautious of the people I invest my time in. You’re my reminder to see people for who they are and not for who I want them to be. You’re my reminder to fall in love with how people treat me, not what they tell me. But if by chance I do fall for the wrong person again, you are my reminder that I can survive the worst.


I Wish I Could Tell You

It’s been a while
since I finally accepted
the end.
But my heart still aches
everytime I think
of how we ended.
And if I could go back,
I wish I could tell you:
I stayed for so long,
not because I was weak
but because I believed
in the good person in you.
And I left, not because
you stopped wanting me,
but because I no longer
loved myself by loving you.


It’s only when you’ve reached
your tether’s end that you’re
asked to be patient, and it’s
only when you’ve given all that
you can, again and again, that
you’re asked to be kind, and it’s
only when you can’t, any more,
that you’re asked to go on for
that one last mile, and you’ve
asked of me patience, and
kindness, and tenacity more
times I can count, and that’s
why I sigh when you ask me
what’s wrong, because in trying
to demand all that you can
from me, I think you forgot that
even oceans, in their vastness,
are to silent shores, bound.


I would say I want to know
your body for all its curves
and undulations and dips
and peaks, but to know your
crevices would require a
sculptor’s touch, and my fingers
are clumsy from refilling my
pen with ink all day, so I’d rather
distill your every inch into a
language only the two of us
can speak, and write you down,
each line, each frown, each
scar, further polished into
yards and yards of poetry that
I read out to you every night,
with fevered kisses as our
punctuation, and slow
rhythms to which we breathe.

Why Do You Smile

Why do you smile
When I cry
With pain, anguish,
Dejected by the pangs of separation?
Do you not see
My endless suffering,
Crumpling on the face of life,
Grieved at being away from you?
Do you not realize
The void in my life
Which is your name
That you choose not to come back?
Or do you want to see me suffer-
Burn in pain, scarred,
Mourning bereft of what was mine?
Or do you just want to close your eyes
And not look at me altogether?

As I Sit Under The Moonlight

As I sit under the moonlight
The silver kissing my face,
You engulf my mind
Your eyes, your smile
Of the rapt you rewarded me with always
Of your serenity, divinity
Your touch, your smell
You possess me in full
And then it all
Ends in an awkward suddenness
When I go back
To the time when
You chose life over me
Leaving with a thousand questions unanswered
Throwing away all that I showered on you,
Love, care and affection.
And now that I sit under the moonlight,
I assure myself that
Everything happens for a reason
And I stop thinking about you
And I treasure all that we had between.